Open Late! Always Great!


The combined 100 plus years of pizza experience that co-founders Joe, Mike & Frank Rocco have is the result of growing up as the children of Italian immigrants in the 1970's Bronx. Proud of the fact that "Nobody worked harder than our parents," the brothers fondly recall the long days spent in the family's Bronx, NY pizzeria making sure that every pizza was the best it could be. Currently, Planet Pizza is a combination of four family-owned stores and seven licensees operating under family guidance.


Each day our pizza dough is still made in each store using a generational recipe, flour milled from the finest Kansas spring wheat and a Hobart mixer. Our pizza sauce is made from ripe California tomatoes, picked in late August and early September and fresh-packed with fragrant basil. 100% whole milk Wisconsin mozzarella made from a proprietary recipe and aged to a minimum of 28 days is the final piece of the puzzle.


While the brothers are proud to continue making pizza using the recipes and craftsmanship we learned while working as children at our father's pizzeria, some things do change for the better. Planet Pizza is pleased to offer a cutting edge desktop & mobile site, convenient iOS &Android Apps, digital in-store signage, convenient online ordering and reliable, fast delivery.